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Integration Solutions, Inc. is a small, women-owned, and minority-owned business (SWaM). We provide consultation services, educational programs, and technical assistance to human service organizations and integrated healthcare systems. Our focus is on trauma-informed care, and we aim to help institutions in furthering their methods and practices as they guide people toward healing and recovery.

We are one with you in your vision of helping the people in our community find their paths toward recovery.

Dr. Allison Jackson, CEO

Dr. Jackson aims to bring trauma-and-resilience-informed practices to professionals who serve at-promise youth, families, and adults in their communities. She lives out her mission by providing educational opportunities directly to community members as well as to people in the direct care and leadership levels of an organization.

Dr. Jackson grew up in Richmond, VA. She is a person of lived experience from whom we can learn valuable lessons about life and resiliency. As a professional, she has provided leadership development services via behavioral health, education, child welfare, and criminal justice systems for more than 20 years.

Her clinical practice and research focus on advancing effective trauma-informed treatment practices for persons who experience behavioral problems. She offered outpatient therapeutic services for military service men and women and their families. Also, she provided crisis therapy services to youth and adults who were diagnosed mental health problems.

For 13 years, Dr. Jackson worked for Providence Service Corporation, an international health care organization. During her time at the institution, she had multiple promotions. She held the following positions:

  • Mentor Working With Children and Families
  • In-Home Therapist
  • Outpatient Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Director of Continuing Education
  • Director of Evidence-Based Replication
  • Regional Vice President of Clinical Operations for the East Division
  • National Trauma Informed Service Line Leader
  • National Vice President of Clinical Business Development and Healthcare Reform

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During her final year with Providence Service Corporation, she co-led 17 national TIC implementation teams through the National Council of Behavioral Healthcare's Trauma Informed Learning Collaborative.

Now, Dr. Jackson has gained international attention as a sought-after expert in trauma-informed care. She was invited to speak in Guatemala, where she taught more than 160 parents and professionals how to enhance their practices to meet the needs of youth they serve. Aside from that, her TEDx-RVA Talk entitled, “A Call to Connection: Making Childhood Trauma Personal” has received nearly 66,000 views worldwide.

She is a single mother of three girls, and is dedicated to creating resilience not just in her own life, but also in her children and everyone in the Greater Richmond area, United States, and beyond. Despite her years of experience, she continually challenges herself to live an authentic life and step into “the arena” each day. Her hope is that her work, in collaboration with many others, will increase empathy and self-compassion for those who are experiencing trauma and thereby safeguard the next generation’s health.

Today, Dr. Jackson works independently as the CEO of Integration Solutions, Inc. Because of her expertise, we have grown to be a trusted entity by various organizations when it comes to trauma-and-resilience-informed care. By enhancing their resilience practices and teaching TIC methods and principles to their team members, we can help them improve their service to people with vulnerability.

To advance her cause of enhancing the TIC systems in the U.S., Dr. Jackson does the following:

  • Provide data-driven consultation services on clinical treatment and case planning
  • Collaborate with committed professionals and organizations on building or enhancing their system and performance
  • Provide clinical and case planning supervision in the utilization of outcomes
  • Provide valid and reliable outcome measurement tools

Dr. Jackson hopes that her work, in collaboration with other organizations, will increase the empathy and self-compassion on those affected by trauma and positively influence the next generation’s health care system.

Focusing on Leadership Training

As leaders, we experience uncertainty, risk, and emotional pressure almost every day. This means that despite the level of our position, we are not immune from being vulnerable.

While society dictates that feeling tired and weary simply show that you are weak, the pioneering research of Dr. Brené Brown says otherwise. Her work debunks the cultural myth that vulnerability is a sign of weakness and argues that it is our accurate measure of courage.

Feeling vulnerable is undeniably difficult, but this is also the time when you get to improve your creativity, innovation, authenticity, adaptability, and accountability—the core values that every leader needs to grow.

Dr. Jackson utilizes the Rising Strong™ curriculum with organizational leaders across the human service spectrum to:

  • Focus on individual and organizational values as guides to decision making
  • Intentionally integrate thoughts, emotions, and actions within the workplace culture
  • Learn strategies to harness curiosity to improve work culture and stop patterns of behavior that offload hurt
  • Strengthen compassion and boundaries in daily workplace interactions
  • Develop practices for resilience

The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ are highly experiential methodologies that were developed to help people learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. These were designed for individuals, couples, families, work teams, and organizational leaders. Dr. Brown, the creator of these methodologies, is also the author of the #1 NYT bestseller, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead. More information is available at www.thedaringway.com and www.brenebrown.com.

Other Areas of Specialization

  • Attachment-Based Models of Treatment
  • Sexual Abusiveness in Children and Adolescents
  • Neuropsychology
  • Neuroscience: To inform work strategies when treating children and adults with complex trauma disorders

Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Certified Sex Offender Treatment Practitioner in the State of Virginia
  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia
  • Certified Leadership Development Facilitator for Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ Curriculums


Virginia Commonwealth University (Doctorate, Master’s, and Bachelor’s Degrees in Social Work)

Cheryl DeHaven, BS, ACC, CPRS

Director Recovery & Resiliency

Phone: 757-528-0951


Cheryl DeHaven is Integration Solutions, Inc., Director of Recovery and Resiliency providing training, coaching and consultation services to support the growth and development of peer recovery and family/parent support services into traditional and non-traditional settings, developing and designing programs to meet the needs of individuals, organizations and communities.


Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) PRS Training

  • DBHDS Peer Recovery Specialist* (PRS) Training – 72 hour, 10-day curriculum

T.I.P.S (Trauma Informed Peer Support Training)

  • T.I.P.S. Training Course – 6 hour, 1-day facilitation

Integration Solutions, Inc. PRS Development, Training, Consultation and Mentoring Programs

  • Consultation and support to integrate PRS services into various settings, traditional and non-traditional
  • PRS specialty area curriculum development and training created to meet the needs of your organization
  • PRS Leadership Development and Training
  • PRS Mentoring Program

 All PRS services includes Family/Parent Support Partners.

All  Integration Solutions, Inc. developed PRS training, consultation and  peer mentoring programs and services will be peer-reviewed in consultation with Dr. Allison Jackson.

Cheryl has extensive knowledge and experience in the behavioral health field through her personal “lived experience” and as a professional who has been engaged in promoting and developing peer programming at state, local and national levels. With over 30 years of combined experience, she has been recognized as a top leader in the field by several organizations for her volunteerism, her professionalism and her leadership.

Mr. D. Troy Kennedy – Asst. Associate Executive Director of Program Development


Troy Kennedy has been affiliated with LaSalle School since 1981, and has been one of the staff since 1996. He is currently Assistant to the Associate Executive Director for Program Development. Troy’s journey with La Salle School and the mission has been unique. As a young boy, removed from his home by the family court and placed in the care and custody of the state, he came to La Salle as an ungovernable, wounded and vulnerable child. Slowly overcoming these Adverse Childhood Experiences with the support of the community surrounding him, Troy has persevered; surviving but more importantly thriving.  Building upon his lived experience and what he has learned along his journey through healing and recovery, Troy has enthusiastically invested his effort into impacting the journey for today’s youth and those who guide and care for them.  Mr. Kennedy explores the power of social relationship interventions as the vehicle to help individuals with childhood trauma reduce the toxic effects of stress on health and overall functioning.

He is a graduate of the LaSallian Leadership Institute and the 2014 recipient of the Distinguished LaSallian Educator Award from the District of Eastern North America, an establishment administering, operating, and educating of more than 30 Christian Brother ministries throughout the northeast.

The ACE’s study has guided significant advancements in understanding the role the brain plays in human behavior. Along with this new and exciting information emerges a responsibility for therapeutic professionals to have a solid understanding of the "brain basics" in order to support the lives of survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Over the years, staff at LaSalle School has developed a reputation for providing high quality presentations, consultation, and training to a variety of audiences. The ACEs and Brain Sciences Advancement Team (ABSAT) at LaSalle was formed to respond in an organized and strategic way to the many requests for training and consultation received. LaSalle’s ABSAT has the capacity to bring the Brains Science and ACEs training to a broad continuum of audiences, including children, adolescents, parents, faculty members, service providers, practitioners, policy makers,  and the educators of behavioral science professionals. LaSalle is committed as recipients of the Change in Mind (CIM) and Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) grants, both of which are funded by the Robert Wood Johnson, to share the knowledge and impact the larger communities’ ability to support Resilience and Healing for individuals who have been impacted by harm and hardship.     

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