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Reflections on Purpose

I am so excited you are here and joining us today.

Where we have been: 

As of this April 2018, Integration Solutions has been in business for 6 years. Hard for me to believe.

In the beginning I remember traveling once a month to a few libraries in the Tidewater Virginia area where I use to live. Often these events were free and I got so excited when 25 or more folks would show up to talk about trauma and how to help support children and families with trauma informed approaches. Today I travel all over the United States and even do international work (was in Guatamala in February of 2018). Wow … never thought I would say that.

Where we are going (or perhaps still are): 

Despite my sitting here in awe as I write this tonight thinking about the work, the people I have met, the youth and adults who have inspired me to keep going … I actually find that the purpose remains the same.

Can we get a few folks in a room to talk about trauma and most importantly resilience? (even when sometimes the room holds 500 to 2500 people these days)

Can we support people in better understanding themselves and those around them when adversity has happened early in life?

Can we help people talk to each other … like really connect with each other? People are the medicine for people …

Can we heal … and where we cannot heal, can we adapt and cope so that life moves on and we thrive … because I know I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive! And I want that for others as well.

Where we are going: 

So here we are together in 2018 and I am excited that Integration Solutions can be one small part of building resiliency in people’s lives. As we move forward it was important to me to build a new and more interactive website where I can reach out and share my thoughts as you share yours.

You know the word “integration” comes from the Latin word “integer” which means “to make whole”.  That really is our goal here … I work each day to help integrate all the parts of me, my emotions, my thoughts, my actions. I work to integrate the darkness I have walked through and try to remember there has been light too (not one of my specialties). I believe that integrity means (as Dr. Brene Brown says …) to not just profess your values, but to live them. So I try … and it has made a difference for me.

My hope is through our work here at Integration Solutions, Inc. we can bring wholeness to our human service systems, to the workers that serve tirelessly in these systems, and to the adults, families and youth they serve.

Thank you for taking the time to read this first blog and for making Community Resilience a part of your work too.

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