Providing Trauma-Informed Care Services and Support

We ALL Have a Role in Community Resilience

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Our Services

We offer meaningful services and support to stakeholders and other key institutions that share with us the same goal of promoting community resilience. Our team is knowledgeable in this area, and we go the extra mile to help your organization stay informed and practice the current trends in trauma-informed care (TIC).

Trauma-and-Resilience-Informed Training Programs

Train the Trainer Curriculum

Special Programs for Your Organization

Live Classes, Webinars, and On Demand Workshops

Trauma and Resilience Consultation

Leadership development services

What We Do

Integration Solutions, Inc. provides education and technical assistance to stakeholders and other institutions that help people who are experiencing trauma. We aim to give these organizations the training and resources they need to better serve the society. All that we do are geared toward helping our community members find their way to healing and eventually create a nation with strong and resilient citizens.

We offer consultation services, as well as co-develop education resources with stakeholders. When creating materials, we will consider your learning objectives so that we can meet the specific needs of your organization. Aside from these, we also provide training programs and workshop sessions to equip your team with knowledge and skills in trauma-informed care.